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Make Predictions on the basis of Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Tarot Finance Horoscope Family Horoscope To put it precisely, all the fundamental principles of these esoteric subjects are taught under one roof to let the students grasp the subject in its entirety.

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Learning visually at your own convenience! In this web portal you shall be reading several worthy articles dealing with various areas of life and astrology for the year like: Also you can find out about Horoscope for on Future Point. We hope our services prove to be helpful and help you attain a blissful and propitious life! This free astrology chart service may not be used for commercial purposes. If you would like to license this software for use on your site Contact Madalyn. Please wait page is loading Do you have a question?

Know your lucky Number. Vedic Astrology has a dedicated section that deals with marital and relationship aspects of life. Some called it Marriage Astrology, some call it Love Astrology. Do you know the importance of Birth date numbers in numerical order? You may sometimes be curious about, to know the compatibility between both of you.

In order to determine the actual compatibility. Your horoscope bank for the natal charts of world renowned celebrities Download our Free Apps. Trust Trust of 35 yrs Trusted by million of users in past 35 years. Gemini Horoscope predicts the year to be a great period for those who believe in hard work.

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TChe year will be a bliss for people into business and job. Your health will also remain good. However, familial and marital life will go just fine. If you are planning to start a new venture, the year is the right time to do so. Your business will expand, leading to a rise in your income. You might acquire a new vehicle or land during this year. You might also get benefits from your in-laws. Your spouse will get success at their workfront, due to which your financial conditions will improve. You will spend money in order to fulfill your basic duties.

During the second half of the year, you will be able to find the solutions to your problems and will be able to get new sources of income. If the people with Gemini zodiac sign are involved in agriculture or a related trade they would be showered upon with monetary benefits that will keep them happy and contented during the year You will strike it rich and luxuriate in comforts.

In case you have any existing debts or loans, you will be able to to repay them and take the burden off your shoulders. Any new loan that you applied for would be sanctioned by the bank and you will be able to get it in time. Your will be receive gains if you invest in share markets, lottery, etc.

Gemini horoscope predicts, your luck factor will support you as a result of which you will be able get a stable financial status during this year. However, you should remember that hard work is the only way to success for you and you would need to overcome any obstacles that might cross your path.

Get the Finance Horoscope Report to know how to make money in the year To achieve success at your workfront, you will need to try your best and continue with your hard work till you lay your hands upon what you aimed for. The year looks conducive for the progress and development of your career. Those who are in government jobs will bask in luxuries and comforts due to huge profits, while those working in private enterprises will need to work in a diligent manner.

Those who are involved in art, music, literature, and culture will be benefitted in their respective fields.

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At the same time, people related to media and mass communication will be able to make a name for themselves. The beginning of the year would present a number of opportunities for the unemployed people. If they try their best they would be able to get a means of livelihood. Gemini horoscope says, those who are working in multinational companies will have an average time during the year.

The tables will turn for your betterment and you will get the sweet fruits of your labour by the end of june. You might get a chance to set your foot on a journey to a distant place. The information technology and software sector would be in a boom due to which a number of software engineers would be hired to play their respective roles in the industry. You need to remember that a creative approach would make you stand out of the crowd. But you may grow and learn due to some adversaries at work place.

Those aspiring for good jobs may find jobs with help from acquaintances, seniors, or by self efforts from July onwards. September may be a good month for placements and employments.

Foreign travel for work may be possible. The last quarter of the year may be favourable for showcasing your talents, win appreciation of seniors, for increments, promotions, recognition and so on. Businessmen may reap profits during this time of the year and may form a good network for expanding their business. Finances seem good for most part of the year for Geminis. As per Horoscope for Gemini, a steady constant growth may be seen. The first quarter of the year may see some ups and downs on the financial front.

Some sudden expenditure may arise in the family and expenses may spiral out of your control. Speculators may earn a good sum of money by betting, speculation, share market etc. But it may not be very viable or a good option ,as you may not be able to enjoy the wealth if earned by unfair means.

Businessmen may earn good profits during this period. Those in hospitality business may do well financially. People who earn interests by giving loans, or loans against pawns etc. The working people will gain through hard work.

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  • Money will be earned by hard work in April. Avoid making money through the easy route. You may be cheated. All that glitters is not gold, after all. The following period seems good, but avoid givings loans to friends or acquaintances. Expenses may increase.

    You may gain though lottery also. Those in media, advertising , coaching classes business ,lawyers may earn well and progress financially. You may invest money in joint ventures. Foreign investments may also yield good returns. Those who have applied for allotment for plots for building houses may be allotted lands during middle of the year.

    Doctors will also earn well. Ayurvedic and other holistic medicine practitioners may also see rise in finances. Natives of Gemini zodiac sign may inherit ancestral property or a legacy during the last quarter of the year. Geminis should focus on their enterprising spirit and stability during the whole year. You may invest in gold and precious metals in the festive season. The year may end with good savings and worthwhile spending for most Geminis. For students Jupiter may give great results in year regarding education.

    ♊ Gemini July 2019 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

    Students will get ample opportunities to excel in their studies. Those studying for higher post graduate studies, management students, engineering and medical students are also expected to do well during the year.

    Free Astrology Software for Internet, Desktop & Mobile (Android / Nokia)

    Students must be regular and steady in their studies all through the year in order to avoid disappointments by last minute studying. The first quarter of the year seems excellent for all students. The later period may seem a little difficult for senior college level students as they may find difficulties in concentration and application of mind in studies. April may be an average month but for many Gemini students the April- May period may bring opportunities for studying abroad in prestigious universities.

    Students studying to become professional photographers, cinematographers, archeologists, those enrolled for spiritual studies, history etc. Those appearing for competitive exams my fare well and even get good jobs through them. During mid year, some disappointments in results are not ruled out for some students. They have to be careful not to lose their poise during exam period. August may be a good period for students of all streams, they may succeed well through self efforts and conviction. Students preparing for IAS and civil services may find the going good and may find success.

    Horoscope for Gemini says, students should honour their teachers, professors and mentors always, but the November-December period may bring benediction in form of blessings from their gurus. Mixed results are expected on the family front for Geminis in Some issues with family members over wealth distribution or other personal issues may crop up, which may leave you tensed in the beginning of the year. Avoid heated arguments and unpleasantness. Things may be better after the first quarter of the new year.

    Relationships with children will be good. You may go overboard in order to fulfill their demands and indulge them. After the first quarter of the new year, you may develop a more spiritual attitude towards your spouse or partner. You may be in two minds, whether to pursue philosophy for the self or to give in to material demands of the body. Your spouse may be supportive. You may develop a sudden urge or desire for earning a lot of wealth in a short period of time during the May-June period, which may create a turmoil in your mind, due to opposition of Saturn and Mars.

    You may be back to your normal self with the help of your partner. Eligible Geminis may think of settling down ion domestic life. You may travel to places of religious interest or a pilgrimage with family and friends during the July-August period. It may be a fulfilling experience for you. Health of children and elders in the family may be a cause of concern during September. Children may make you proud with their achievements in the last quarter of the year.


    Planetary transits during this period may bring cheer in domestic life. Relationship with spouse, children and parents will be sweet. A family get-together may be in the offing during November-December, which may bring a lot of happiness and peace. Many Geminis may tie the knot during this period. Geminis are advised to spend some extra time with their partner in the beginning of the year despite being busy with their respective careers. You must be present for your lover and patiently listen to them.

    You may meet someone, if you are single.